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First steps in the demo version

Log in

After starting SO3 fill in access data in Login form.


SO3 opens automatically with the ReadMe-Layout. There you can read a short introduction.

There are layouts of different areas (e.g.: building services/house installation, process engineering) for you in the demo database.

Open the layout with a double-click.


Keyboard Shortcuts:
[Ctrl]+[E] opens the layout element list

[Ctrl]+[L] opens the layout settings


Use the right mouse button to pan the layout

You will find a box with hints on each layout in the bottom right corner.

You cannot change anything on the layout. You have only readable access.

Show project status

View the status of your plant from different perspectives:

  • In the ribbon, select the "Views" tab

  • Activate the "Status bar" and "Background" buttons to display the project progress in color and as a bar on the layout.

  • Display the status of your equipment from the mechanical (Mechanics) or electrical (Electrics) point of view by setting the "View" accordingly.

Personal presentation

We would be happy to provide you with a personal tour and the wide range of functions in SO3. Contact us for an appointment.

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